Your dreams

I imagine myself facilitating people discover Europe’s cultural heritage online, using it for generating new knowledge and ressources in an open way. One of Europe’s biggest strengths is its cultural diversity background. Let’s make it open and available to everyone, so we all can use it as knowledge fuel for future generations, and can benefit from it.
– Àlex Hinojo (Europeana)

By 2020, my dream is that we’ve created the culture, technology and law to support mashups and exploration of data and cultural heritage assets throughout Europe and the world. National and institutional boundaries will not be barriers for kids anywhere that haven’t set foot in an airport to explore the world’s culture, to find the stories and pictures and sounds from generations past. From their classrooms, they’ll visit art in the greatest museums of Europe, hear music from the greatest venues, see streets as they are now and as they were hundreds and hundreds of years ago. The work of Europeana will have inspired institutions the world over to share and work collaboratively, building a rich ecosystem of data and content that fuel open access publications, e-textbooks, apps, 3D printing and other immersive technologies. The growing number of organizations utilizing these assets make education costs more affordable, and in turn, cultural heritage metadata is further enriched by use from students in geospatial apps and more.
– Jon Voss (Historypin)